Processor upgrade of

Our server was upgraded with AMD EPYC! The latest and best server CPU!
You can test the musicbots speed now, it's impressive!
AMD EPYC Serii 7003, czyli „najwydajniejsze na świecie procesory serwerowe”  już oficjalnie | ITHardware

10 thousands unique users

 Few hours ago we have reached 10 thousands of unique users!
Thank you for being with us! 😃
Couple of months ago we have also extended private channel expiration date to 30 days!

2 new server groups.

Last night, 2 new server groups have been added:
Diablo III RoS (Reaper of Souls)
Forza Horizon 5

If you want a specific group, please contact the administration.

The requirement for the new server group is that at least 5 people regularly play the game in order not to clutter unnecessarily.